Worcestershire Children First

Worcestershire County Council is creating an independent, wholly owned council company to take operational responsibility for delivering both targeted services and the full range of services across Children's Social Care, Education and Early Help. The Company will continue to build on recent improvements and drive a sustainable model of delivery and improvement designed to bring good and outstanding services.

Worcestershire Children First's sole focus will be improving services and outcomes for children and young people in Worcestershire, which includes enabling staff to perform to the best of their ability. Taking the lead from Worcestershire's Children and Young People's Plan, the Company's vision is for Worcestershire to be a wonderful place for all children and young people to grow up. It will create supportive communities where children and young people are safe, secure and nurtured to become independent.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of our children and young people aged 0 to 25yrs, and their families, by providing outstanding, innovative, child and young people-focused services where practice and practitioners flourish and we maximise life opportunities for all.

The Board

The Company's Board will provide strong and compelling leadership of Children's Social Care and have a single and unwavering focus on improving outcomes for children and young people.

The Board operates at a strategic level and is the responsible body for the operational performance, achievement and overall direction of Children' Social Care including targeted services. The Board will provide clarity of direction that demands the highest quality practice, recognises the importance and value of working in partnership and centres all of its work on meeting the needs of children and young people. It will seek out innovative, collaborative and creative solutions to deliver the highest quality service in the most efficient and effective way. It will work openly and transparently with the Council and its partners about performance and outcomes and ensure that elected Members are able to exercise their democratic and statutory accountabilities to their communities.

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